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ACA 1232/33 incl. CPU 68030/33 MHz and 128Mb RAM
ACA 1232/33 incl. CPU 68030/33 MHz and 128Mb RAM
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Amiga Future 95 incl. CD-ROM (English)

Amiga Future 95 incl. CD-ROM (English)

Amiga Future 95 is the second issue to appear in full colour!


AmigaOne X1000 'First Contact', FPGA Arcade, Dragon Memory, Kyrandia 3, Mr Beanbag, Astaroth, Tunnel Run, Low View, AmiKit, SimpleMail, YAM. 

Amiga 600 RTC, Kickstart change, C-Workshop part 12, AmigaOS 4.1 Workbench part 7.

Classic Reflection part 3

Interview Stephen Fellner, Editorial, Contents, News, Up2Date, Imprint, Cover CD Content, Letters to the Editor, Preview.

CD Contents:

GPFax, XCopy Pro included Sourcecode, The Copyist, Keyboard Controlled Sequencer, Midi Recording Studio, Tiger Cub, Tiger Samples

Public Domain:

•AmigaOS4: amiarcadia, crosscrabtris, crosscrabtris_os4, flare, Flare_OS4, imbiss_os4, jack, Letris2011_MOS+OS4, LoViewOS4, MCE-OS4, mixer, pftp, ReportPlus-OS4, smbfs-os4, uade.tar, WormWars-OS4, xmp, YAM27-AmigaOS4
•AROS: LoViewAROS, YAM27-AROS-i386, YAM27-AROS-ppc, YAM27-AROS-x86_64.
•Classic: abrick-ix48, ACSE-src, alienblaster-68k, AlignWindowsSP, amigang, anaiis, AWolf3D, biniax-68k, biniax2-68k, bofh-68k, brickout-68k, C-Password, cdplayer_lib, CGX-AGA, circuslinux-68k, crosscrabtris_os3, doors, entombed-68k, exif-m68k, ffmpeg-git7df9937-m68k, getstack, GoScreen, Grunch, GSGuiSP, HTTPResumeSP, IBrowseSP, IconLib_46.4, klix, Lightnix, LoViewOS3, LoViewWOS, MakeHTMLMap, MCE, meandmyshadow-68k, modifyle, moleinvasion-68k, Mures-68k, nc_invaders_68k, OWB_Turkish_Catalog, PatchWarp3D, penguin-command-68k, Pivoto, pngcrush-m68k, Prism2SP, prism2v2, QuarkTex, refrax_68k, ReportPlus, rockdodger-68k, ScummVM_AGA_040, ScummVM_AGA_060, ScummVM_RTG_040, ScummVM_RTG_060, SDLjump-68k, ShowOpenDocument, SimpleView, smbfs-68k, SplitMultiImgSP, sporktris_68k, stargun-68k, supertux-68k, symbolrechnen, TA1_26, teetertorture-68k, TinyInvaders, TinyLauncher, TopAppSP, Totematik, trackerheroaga, transfer, Tri_Add, Try_Angle, tunnel-68k, Tunnel_Run, vectoroids-68k, VEsp, vor-68k, WBKillWinSP, WBMakeLinkSP, WormWars, xad_rar, xad_xz, xpkTDCS, xpkZENO, YAM13guide_es, YAM27-AmigaOS3, zsc-68k.
•MorphOS: crosscrabtris_morphos, LoViewMOS, MCE-MOS, ReportPlusMOS, YAM27-MorphOS
•Multimedia: BoingsWorld Podcast Episode 23 and 24.

Postage is EUR 1.50 for Spain and 3.50 for UE, if ordered without other products, otherwise our standard shipping costs apply.

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